Career Research

I am interested in the nurse practitioner portion of the medical field for many reasons. I have always wanted a job where I can help others and work with people. The medical field is of great interest to me and I think I would genuinely enjoy my job as a nurse of some sort.

NP vs. Doctor


Nurse practitioner



  • Bright outlook for jobs in the future
  • Less schooling than a doctor
  • Allows time for a family in the future
  • large enough salary to support a family


  • Several years of schooling
  • rigorous coursework
  • difficult to get accepted into nursing programs

It is important to be aware of the pros, cons, and job outlook for your potential career choices. I have placed a few links to information on my top three career choices. In addition, I inserted a link that contains specific job opportunities within the nursing medical field. I am even more excited about my future career after reading about the breakdown of these jobs.

“What Can I Do with this Major?–Nursing”

Registered Nurse info.

Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Nurse Specialist


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