5 Year Plan

It’s important to have a plan in life even if the plan gets changed as we go along. Having a plan is the first step to acting on those ideas and becoming successful. Without a plan, we will accomplish no goals in life. I have come up with several things I want to do or accomplish within the next five years.

1. I want to go to college and truly enjoy it, regardless of the pressure and stress that college can bring.

2. I want to meet new people and make strong relationships.

3. I want to keep my family close and continue to strengthen relationships with them.

4. I want to impact the lives of those around me in a positive way through my attitude.

5. I want to live my life to the fullest the next five years of my life and laugh often.

6. I want to live my life for me and not make important decisions based on what others want me to do.

7. I want to be involved in college and try my hardest in every class.

8. I want to get accepted into the nursing program in college and excel greatly in it.

9. I want to keep my head up even if things do not go exactly as planned.


Why 5 year plans are important


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